Monday, February 28, 2011

Homemade Sodie Pop

I was watching the Food Network recently and there was a show about the history of soda pop. Some call it soda, some call pop, some call it sodie pop. Nevertheless, most people have enjoyed a refreshing soda at one time or another. The show started discussing the history of old-fashioned soda shops that used to sell coca-cola for a nickel. A soda siphon was used to distribute CO2 into a glass of cold water (turning it into "soda water") and then a flavored fountain syrup was squirted into the soda water to make a delicious treat. Our new home has a bar in the basement, and I immediately thought how great it would be to come up with some sort of old-fashioned soda bar.

A search on the internet showed that a mini keg can run several hundreds of dollars, so I decided to keep my eye out for something cheaper and more practical for my bar. Then I ran across the Soda Stream while walking through Bed, Bath, & Beyond with the wife one day. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it. I knew it would be the perfect addition for the bar! There are many different models of the Soda Stream, but the Genesis model is the one exclusively sold by Bed, Bath, & Beyond and it has definitely done the trick for me. The package comes with the Genesis machine, a CO2 cartridge that screws into the machine allowing you to carbonate the water, two 1-liter bottles that fit onto the machine, and a variety pack of soda syrups that you can test out. Although some of the syrups that I tried out from the variety pack were pretty good (like the fake Dr. Pepper for instance), I decided to branch out and try making my own soda pop.

Back From Hibernation

So it has been 287 days since my last blog post. Inexcusable really.....I checked my blog stats and it appears that I still have some subscribers to the blog despite my long hiatus from the blogging world. You people are in for a surprise when this post pops up in your email!

The biggest event since my time off from writing (besides birthdays and holidays of course) was that the wife and I have bought a new house!! We have finally made the big purchase and we're moving out to Tinley Park, IL on March 25th. I will provide pictures in another post.

Since my mind is going wild thinking of all the new things that I can blog about since taking a break, I will give myself some time to collect my thoughts and come up with a game plan for my next series of posts. In the meantime, here is a stupid little video that gave me a chuckle. Hope you enjoy....