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IVF Children Suffer More Over-All Health Problems Than Naturally-Conceived Children

IVF Children Suffer More Over-All Health Problems Than Naturally-Conceived Children

Well this is not shocking news. Anytime we try to play God, the results may not turn out in our favor. I ran across a website recently that promotes prayers for couples trying to conceive. It seemed like a good website and allows people to register to join support groups, but unfortunately there are many couples on the site that are admittedly trying to conceive through IVF. Since I couldn't play the "that's against church teaching" card because chances are many of the people on the website were non-Catholics (and even the Catholics on the site could probably care less since the majority of Catholics in the US don't obey church teaching on these issues anyway - e.g., Humanae Vitae).

So the best I could do was offer prayers and support, and also provide them with information about NaProTechnology ( and the Pope Paul VI Institute ( for those that were looking for alternatives to IVF. I have not received any comments back yet on my post, but I'm just waiting for someone to claim that I'm somehow "judging" them for using IVF, or that I may have "offended" someone on the site who has already conceived through IVF. The words "are you judging me?" and "I'm offended" are like nails on a chalk board for me. Anytime someone tries to shed some light on a subject and explain the reasons for their beliefs or positions, it is automatically assumed that you are judging people, which is simply not the case. For example, if someone was addicted to cocaine and sat on their couch with a crack pipe all day, I would tell that person that smoking crack will probably kill them at some point. If the person responded with "are you judging me?", I would respond with "No. I am not judging you. Only God will be your judge at the end of your earthly life. I am simply helping you, which is a big difference."

The same goes for issues concerning the spirit. All humans are made up of body and soul. We take care of our bodies and we should also take care of our souls.  So when I throw out moral advice based on sound, Catholic doctrine and the reasoning of the natural law, I am in no way trying to judge the person, but simply offering my advice and trying to help the person (the same way we would help someone who smokes crack all day).

The first step to re-identifying the Christian roots of Western Civilization and counteracting the neo-pagan society that we live in is to avoid the pride of being "offended" everytime someone looks at us wrong.  This rhetoric of being "offended" is simply a way to avoid looking in the mirror and facing reality.  It is definitely one of the most difficult things to do.  I admit struggling with pride when someone points out my errors or my flawed logic on a particular subject.  The best thing to do is listen with open ears and an open heart and put all of the political correctness aside.  We need to embrace humility by recognizing that we don't have control over our lives, but God does.  We want to control when and how we have a child through IVF instead of letting God's will be done. 

Some people argue that the church's stance against IVF contradicts the church's stance on birth control and abortion because they believe that we should be open to life (i.e., the argument that God wouldn't want to deny a child to anyone, therefore IVF is acceptable).  They are missing the boat completely and deflecting the real issue at hand.  It is instead the concept of gaining control by trying to "play God" (through scientific measures in some cases).  We want to control the number of children we have through "birth control".  Unwanted pregnancies make us feel like we've lost control since our future plans will have to change with a bady.  Feminists use the argument that women should have control over their bodies, so they should have the right to an abortion, which is nonsense because common sense, moral law, and scientific evidence illustrates that the real issue is whether we should have control over the life of an independent human baby with his/her own set of rights and his/her own dignity as an individual human person.  It circles back to the whole "judging" thing, which is a misnomer because the argument has nothing to do with the rights of the woman, but the rights of the innocent baby!  That is why I emphasize that sometimes it isn't about you (remember that whole humility thing??). 

Don't believe the lies that contraception leads to less abortions.  It is statistically not true.  Besides, birth control lays the foundation for an anti-life culture that leads to a more accepting mentality of abortion.  If we can prevent pregnancies on the front end, why not terminate pregnancies on the back end?  The end result is the same.  The means are just different.  (This whole topic is another subject for another blog post, so I digress). 

G.K. Chesterton
Below is an excerpt about birth control by the great G.K. Chesterton from his book The Well and the Shallows.  This book was published in 1935 soon after the Anglican Church broke with constant, universal Christian teaching and began to sanction artificial birth control (which is a nice little tidbit of history you can point out to Protestants and liberal cafeteria Catholics who don't realize that birth control was condemned throughout all major forms of Christendom prior to the revolution started by the Anglicans in the early 20th century). 

"But there is one type of person for whom I feel what I can only call contempt. And that is the popular propagandist of what he or she absurdly describes as Birth-Control. I despise Birth-Control first because it is a weak and wobbly and cowardly word. It is also an entirely meaningless word; and is used so as to curry favour even with those who would at first recoil from its real meaning. The proceeding these quack doctors recommend does not control any birth. It only makes sure that there shall never be any birth to control......Normal people can only act so as to produce birth; and these people can only act so as to prevent birth. But these people know perfectly well as I do that the very word Birth-Prevention would strike a chill into the public, the instant it was blazoned on headlines, or proclaimed on platforms, or scattered in advertisements like any other quack medicine. They dare not call it by its name, because its name is very bad advertising. Therefore they use a conventional and unmeaning word, which may make the quack medicine sound more innocuous."

Do you think Chesterton was worried about "offending" anyone with these words?  No.  As with all good debators, he wants us to put down the gloves, quit hiding behind political correctness and the fear of judging/offending others, and speak honestly and openly about the issues at hand with an open ear and an open heart.  When we humbly open ourselves up to the truth, the natural law written on the hearts of all men and women will do its job and we will hopefully be able to convert more souls by the grace of God. 

Ad Jesum Per Mariam,


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Three Is A Magic Number - Blind Melon Version

Here is a classic School House Rock song to kick the weekend off to a good start!!!  This is the Blind Melon version of the song.  There is no audio for the first 15 seconds of the video.  No worries though.  The song starts when the music video starts. 

Bad Forecast

I found this rather disturbing report on the weather channel.....

This would make a great cartoon

The Rapture On The Morrow

Geographic Travels: When Will the Supposed Rapture of 2011 Start?

Above is an entertaining article that I discovered about the supposed rapture to take place tomorrow (March 21, 2011) according to Harold Campman of Family Radio. There are plenty of other blog posts all over the internet about this, so it is not worth wasting more time discussing it. I just found this little article to be enjoyable :).

If you are looking for a good book to combat the errors of premillennial dispensationalism (fancy words.....I know......) and the rapture, I would suggest checking out Carl Olson's book titled "Will Catholics Be Left Behind?".  You can get it at Amazon through the link on the left.  I have personally read this book and I think it does a very good job of combating the errors of modern rapture theory, which was a pure invention of John Nelson Darby, who was a leader of the Fundamentalist movement in the 1800s.  Premillennialists teach that the rapture will occur before a period of persecution. This position, now known as the "pre-tribulational" view, became known as Dispensationalism. Darby’s pre-tribulational view of the rapture was then picked up by a man named C.I. Scofield, who taught the view in the footnotes of his Scofield Reference Bible, which was widely distributed in England and America. Many Protestants who read the Scofield Reference Bible uncritically accepted what its footnotes said and adopted the pre-tribulational view, even though no Christian had heard of it in the previous 1800 years of Church history.

Another good book on the subject is Paul Thigpen's "The Rapture Trap".  I have not read this book, but have heard and read wonderful things about it from reliable Catholic apologists.

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I LOL'ed

Catholic Resources Page Has Arrived

You will notice a link for "Catholic Resources" at the top of my blog.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  I will continue updating it as I discover more sources that I think are worth adding.  I have accumulated these web resources over the past several years and thought they would be worth sharing.  I hope someone is able to make use of it, but if not, at least I have these resources backed up to the Blogger server in case my computer ever crashes.  Enjoy!

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Nine hour novena to the Infant Jesus of Prague

Infant Jesus of Prague

Read about the Infant Jesus of Prague at this website.

The feast day for the Infant Jesus of Prague was traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday of May (which would be this coming May 15, 2011).  This feast is not part of the current Roman Missal or the Missal of 1962 celebrated in the Western Church, but this is still a great devotion when you have an urgent prayer request.  We can use this "storm novena" or "flying novena" by praying it on nine consecutive hours in one day.  For instance, you could pray it at 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., etc. until you have completed nine prayers.  This novena is very similar to the "Efficacious Novena to the Sacred Heart" which is a prayer that St. Padre Pio prayed every day.

O Jesus, Who has said,
ask and you shall receive,
seek and you shall find,
knock and it shall be opened to you,
through the intercession of Mary,
Your Most Holy Mother, I knock,
I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted.
(Make your request)

O Jesus, Who has said,
all that you ask of the Father in My Name,
He will grant you through the intercession of Mary.
Your Most Holy Mother.
I humbly and urgently ask Your Father
in Your Name that my prayer be granted.
(Make your request)

O Jesus, Who has said,
"Heaven and earth shall pass away
but My word shall not pass",
through the intercession of Mary,
Your Most Holy Mother,
I feel confident that my prayer will be granted.
(Make your request)

Novena to St. Rita of Cascia

St. Rita of Cascia (1381-1457)
Read about St. Rita of Cascia at this New Advent link.

St. Rita of Cascia's feast day is May 22, although she is currently removed from both the current Roman Missal and the Missal of 1962 (extraordinary form).  Many miracles have been attributed to her intercession.  She is sometimes referred to as the patron saint of the impossible.

In order to commemorate her feast on May 22, I invite you to a nine day novena from May 13 (today) through May 21. 

O holy protectress of those who art in greatest need, thou who shineth as a star of hope in the midst of darkness, blessed Saint Rita, bright mirror of God's grace, in patience and fortitude thou art a model of all the states in life. I unite my will with the will of God through the merits of my Savior Jesus Christ, and in particular through his patient wearing of the crown of thorns, which with tender devotion thou didst daily contemplate. Through the merits of the holy Virgin Mary and thine own graces and virtues, I ask thee to obtain my earnest petition, provided it be for the greater glory of God and my own sanctification. Guide and purify my intention, O holy protectress and advocate, so that I may obtain the pardon of all my sins and the grace to persevere daily, as thou didst in walking with courage, generosity, and fidelity down the path of life. (Mention your intentions here)

Saint Rita, advocate of the impossible, pray for us.
Saint Rita, advocate of the helpless, pray for us.

Recite the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be three times.

We can only pray for the virtue of temperance in times like these

As some of you fellow Bloggers may already know, Google's Blogger has been down for the last 20 hours.  Any changes to your blog that you made during that time were in "read only" mode and were probably lost.  During this time, I made some changes to the blog which were lost, but I was fortunately able to restore those changes since I backed them up.  However, I created a new page which has now been completely lost.  It was called "Catholic Resources" and I was going to include a link at the top of the blog.  It took me quite a while to put together, but now it is gone.....completely gone.....and I can't recover it.

The page included a wealth of links and resources for fellow Catholics.  It should not take me too long to put the page back together, but unfortunately I've lost all of the comments and side notes that I included with each link.  There is a chance that Blogger will restore this page in the next couple of days (as I read on some other blog), but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.  Therefore, I'm going to proceed with re-creating this page and I'll re-post it when it is ready.  I probably won't include all of the side notes though (or at least I'll make them much shorter).