Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Illinois Company Launches Catholic Alternative to Amazon.com; Supporting Pastors, Parishes and Catholic Vendors | Catholic and Enjoying It!

Illinois Company Launches Catholic Alternative to Amazon.com; Supporting Pastors, Parishes and Catholic Vendors | Catholic and Enjoying It!

Check it out! Might find some Christmas gifts. Never too early to start shopping.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bring back Friday abstinence?

Bring back Friday abstinence? Absolutely! « In the Light of the Law

I'm liking it.  Just read this from Dr. Ed Peters' blog:

"Cardinal Tim Dolan just delivered an excellent address to the USCCB. It needs to be read, and even listened to, in its entirety. Here I’ll underscore just one of his points: “The work of our Conference during the coming year includes reflections on re-embracing Friday as a particular day of penance, including the possible re-institution of abstinence on all Fridays of the year, not just during Lent” (my emphasis)."

I am a big proponent of this.  Catholics will only begin to rediscover our traditions and bring back a sense of the sacred when our Church leaders stop bowing to the liberal mind-set that has been so prevalent since the 60s/70s.  You already know my thoughts on communion in the hand and standing (versus on the tongue and kneeling) if you read my previous post here.  What about other church laws?  Fast from midnight (or three hours before communion once masses started being celebrated later in the day)?  No that's alright, just fast for one hour before communion (or simply just don't be eating in the car on the way to church and you should be fine....or better yet just do whatever you want.  No one observes this fasting law anyway anymore).  Fast for forty days all throughout Lent?  No that's alright, just fast two days (Ash Wednesday and Good Friday).  Abstain from meat on all Fridays throughout the year?  No that's alright, just abstain on Ash Wednesday and Fridays during Lent.  Gregorian chant?  No that's alright, let's just bust out the electric guitars and drums.  Latin?  Forget about it.  

The list goes on and on.  The Church since Vatican II has opened its doors to everyone by trying to be more "modern", but the reverse effect has happened as the Church has now been more irrelevant than ever.  We've been focused on ecumenism for the last 40 years reaching out to non-Catholics, all the while we did not take care of our own and have essentially imploded from within.  Mass attendance is down, while contraception is up among "catholics".  Is it any wonder that 50% of so-called Catholics voted for our current president that has guaranteed that he will openly trample on our first amendment right by interfering in the practice of religion via the HHS mandate?  We have essentially voted for our own persecution.  We have put the noose around our own neck.  

I compare the current situation of our Church to an old drunk uncle.  Maybe he has to hit rock bottom before you can finally intervene to get him the help that he needs.  The Church is on the road to hitting rock bottom, and maybe this will be the big slap in the face that we need.  The voice of the Church has been stifled while trying to keep a tax-exempt status, but we may suffer a loss of tax-exempt status one of these days anyway.  Who knows....maybe the liberals will sue us for not giving an open communion to non-Catholics which will be enough to revoke tax-exempt status.  You may think that sounds ridiculous, but nothing would surprise me at this point. 

I was critical of Cardinal Dolan for pow-wowing with Obama at the Waldorf, but I respect the strides that he is taking now.  He has been outspoken about Confession being the sacrament of the New Evangelization.  Now (as noted above) he is bringing up the discussion concerning returning to the traditional abstinence on all Fridays throughout the year.  You may think that we have bigger fish to fry than worrying about traditions.  You may say, "why worry about the liturgy and Church law when we need to worry about "social justice" issues (including abortion)"?  We've been emphasizing "social justice" issues over the liturgy/Church law since Vatican II, and look at where it has gotten us.  Catholics continuing to vote for the most pro-abortion president in US history.  So much for "social justice".....

People have been defying the Church because the Church has not taken itself seriously for several decades.  I argue that if we start taking ourselves seriously by returning to traditional Church practices, maybe (just maybe) we will reap the fruits of the faithful starting to obey the Church on moral issues once the faithful rediscover how glorious the Church really is.  And maybe (just maybe) they will begin to think that it is all worth it in the end.  We've openly defied church teaching on the moral issues because we have been believing that "I'm OK, you're OK" and we're all going to heaven.  When we get back to Orthodoxy and realize that our eternal salvation is at stake, maybe the faithful will wake up and begin to realize that allegiance to our Church is more important than allegiance to any political party. 

In times like these when we need prayers, let us turn to the Saints.  Ora pro nobis!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thoughts on the election

Do not put your trust in princes; they are but men, they have no power to save. As soon as the breath leaves his body, man goes back to the dust he belongs to; with that, all his designs will come to nothing. Happier the man who turns to the God of Jacob for help, puts no confidence but in the Lord his God. - Psalm 145(146): 2-5