Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Belgian bishop favors same sex unions

Father Z has the story HERE.

This bishop is from the diocese of Antwerp. I have been to the beautiful Cathedral of Our Lady of Antwerp for Sunday mass on two different occasions while on work trips. The second time I went, the "mass" consisted of a young adult choir singing for 30 minutes and absolutely no structure to the liturgy. There was no sacrifice/communion and the bishop processed out after the Protestant style service was over. I remember sitting next to a young woman who I could tell was a foreigner visiting the church for the first time. Half way through the service she leaned over to me and asked "Is this a Catholic church?". The church service was completely unrecognizable. I remember when the bishop processed out, the young woman rolled her eyes in disbelief.  This was listed as a "mass" time on the website. Whether this was intended to be mass or not, I did not fulfill my Sunday obligation of attending mass by attending this service (which obviously was not my fault). 

This experience did not sit right with me and I knew from that moment that the bishop was heretical or very modern/secular at best. What a shame to waste such a beautiful ancient cathedral on bad liturgy from a bad bishop. The church felt more like a museum than a living breathing church. 

As the church continues to dig its own grave by embracing modernism, I will not apologize for speaking out against bishops who are leading the flock into scandal. It is not a coincidence that bad liturgy follows bad catechesis and heresy. We hear the phrase Lex Orandi Lex Credendi (the law of praying is the law of believing) a lot, and this is a concrete example of it going in the wrong direction. 

Johan Bonny has been Bishop of Antwerp since October 2008. Many church observers would like to see him succeed Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard as Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and thus Primate of Belgium. If this happens, the church in Belgium is going to be in big trouble (if it isn't already). Offer up a prayer for Bishop Bonny to have a change of heart and convert to the faith. 

Here is a photo of the cathedral that I took while in Antwerp. 

Here is a photo of the inside, which does not do justice for how massive the inside is. 


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dr. Taylor Marshall's Sword and Serpent is released!!

Dr. Taylor Marshall, the President of the New Saint Thomas Institute and popular Catholic blogger over at, has just released his new book Sword and Serpent as a Kindle eBook and paperback.  Dr. Marshall has written several other books including The Crucified Rabbi, The Eternal City, and The Catholic Perspective on Paul.  For those that visit Taylor's blog, you know that he has also released other short books for free to the general public.  All of his previous writings have been historical/non-fiction works dealing with Christian history and theology.  Sword and Serpent is Dr. Marshall's first venture into the world of Christian fiction, and I must say that I think this book was very well done.  It is an easy read for all age groups.  

Sword and Serpent is a thrilling adventure following the tale of a young St. George and a pagan priestess. This is an exciting period of Christian history that I was thrilled to see Dr. Marshall tackle in a fun and clever way. Dr. Marshall does a wonderful job painting a vivid picture in your mind of early fourth century Rome and the surrounding Mediterranean. Although this book is a fictional retelling of the story of St. George, Dr. Marshall successfully incorporates historical people and events which adds an exciting and unique twist to the book. The story is an emotional roller coaster as you witness St. George grow up from a young boy to a man through all of the trials and tribulations that he faces. This novel is also filled with many "Easter eggs" and surprises that will keep you on your toes throughout the book. For anyone interested in the early centuries of Christian persecution and martyrdom, it is often the case that precise details of the historical events are lost. This novel fills the imagination with the legends that surround these tales, and has resulted in a truly unique genre of Christian fiction. I highly recommend this book and hope that Dr. Marshall pursues more works in this genre.

CLICK HERE for a link to Amazon where you can purchase the Kindle eBook or paperback version.  Check out the video trailer below.